Mount Trenchard (Limerick)

Mount Trenchard Direct Provision Centre in Foynes, Limerick was opened since 2007 and provided accommodation for 80-90 asylum seekers in Ireland. The Contractor for this centre was Baycaster Ltd whose major shareholder is Mr. Alan Hyde (Cork Businessman and silent partner of Hyde Whiskey). Mr. Alan Hyde is a contractor since the beginning of Direct Provision system in Ireland and provides this kind of poor contracts to the Government for other centres in Cork and Waterford.

In 2014, many residents staged a protest and hunger strike over the poor conditions at this centre such as broken showers, overcrowding with over 10 persons in a room and isolation from the city area with some residents being there for over 6 years. According to reports within 10 mins of protesting the leaders of the protest were transferred to other centres by the owners Mr. Hyde and Mr. Murphy.

Some articles from the Irish Times about this centre

However, one of the men, Ahmad Alhassen, yesterday described morale in the centre as “very bad” and said that there were “unbelievable” problems with maintenance, food and overcrowding. Relations are also poor with management. Mr Alhassen says he and others have been making complaints “for over a year”. 16th August 2014

Department of Justice figures released last year showed that Mr Hyde and Mr Murphy were paid €9.8 million by the department between 2000 and 2010. 16th August 2014

Figures provided by the Department of Justice show Alan Hyde, who heads up the Barlow Properties group that operates Mount Trenchard, last year received €5.15m in fees to operate five centres for 480 asylum seekers at Cork, Waterford and the one at Mount Trenchard. 10th April 2015

Irish Times 31st January 2020

At least €13 million in State funds has been spent on running a direct provision centre in Co Limerick which will close its doors on Friday after residents complained about living conditions.

The Mount Trenchard centre, which has been described by residents as “an open-air prison” similar to “Guantanamo Bay”, is currently transferring its final few residents to direct provision centres across Ireland.

Department of Justice figures released to The Irish Times reveal the State paid contractor Baycaster Limited €9,699,400 between 2004 and 2015 to house asylum seekers at the former stately home. Some €1.1 million was paid to the contractor to operate the centre in 2016, according to data provided by the department.

Additional statistics published online show €1,061,480 was spent in 2017 and €1,106,700 in 2018 totalling €12,967,620 over 15 years. Figures for 2019 were not available.

Parliamentary Questions on 21st February 2019 replied by Minister TD David Stanton stated that Mount Trenchard ‘Owners are paid a minimum of €854,564 for Mount Trenchard in County Limerick yearly’

The profiteering off the misery of asylum seekers continues with over 80 Direct Provision Centres currently now in Ireland with lack of accountability by these contractors for public funds.

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