Abolish Direct Provision launches “Voices From Direct Provision” online conference  September 13, 2020.- Abolish Direct Provision will be hosting on September 27, 2020, at 10:00 A.M., the online conference “Voices from Direct Provision” in which asylum seekers, activists and experts on Direct Provision will discuss the faults of and alternatives to this system that hasContinue reading “A.D.P.I PRESS RELEASE”


                                    Hello Everyone, Please copy this email and send to your TD or Local Councillor about the Human Rights abuse happening at direct provision centres in your town or county. Here is a list of contacts for your TDs https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/members/ If you receive a reply from your TD please forward it to abolishdirectprovision@gmail.com http://www.directprovision.org (yourContinue reading “SAMPLE LETTER TO TD’S”

Help protect Asylum Seekers against the spread of Covid-19

Help us prevent a massive outbreak at the Direct Provision centres in Ireland. Many centres have not provided protection or adequate sanitation for asylum seekers – many of whom have only just escaped crisis in their home country. Infection rate is increasing due to the horrendous reasons we reveal below. Please help us provide emergencyContinue reading “Help protect Asylum Seekers against the spread of Covid-19”

Johnston Marina DP Centre (Kerry)

Opened: 25th April 2000 Owner: Onsite Facilities Management (O.F.M) County: Kerry Capacity: 90 Distance from International Protection office: 300KM Estimate millions received to-date: 20 Million Euros Major incidents/Suicide/Deaths at the centre Residents Protesting in 2003 because of the poor living conditions They also wanted friends to be able to visit their rooms and wanted facilities such as a toaster and microwave. It wasContinue reading “Johnston Marina DP Centre (Kerry)”


Opened: 17th April 2000 Owner: Aramark Ltd (USA) County: Cork Capacity: 303 Distance from International Protection office: 258KM Estimate millions received to-date: 120 Million Euros Major incidents/Suicide/Deaths at the centre A Korean woman, in her 30s, is understood to have died in her bedroom at the centre in Cork city, on Tuesday evening. She had a son, aged six, who isContinue reading “KINSALE DP CENTRE (CORK)”

Eglinton DP Centre (Galway)

Opened: 17th January 2000 Owner: Maplestar Ltd County: Galway Capacity: 210 Distance from International Protection office: 211KM Estimate Millions Received To-date: 46 Million Euros Major Incidents/Suicide/Deaths at the Centre Olufemi Johnson, who died on the May 13th at the Eglinton Hotel, had epilepsy – a pre-existing medical condition that is highly dangerous. But friends atContinue reading “Eglinton DP Centre (Galway)”

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