Hello Everyone,

Please copy this email and send to your TD or Local Councillor about the Human Rights abuse at a direct provision centre in your town or county.

Here is a list of contacts for your TDs

If you receive a reply from your TD please forward it to


(your address)



Dear (x local TD of X constituency)

My name is X and I am writing to you with a deep sense of urgency and concern for the members of Direct Provision in Ireland. It is my intention in writing this that you will understand with a greater awareness the living conditions experienced by members of Direct Provision, and how these already inadequate living conditions have been deeply exacerbated by the current Covid-19 crisis, making these members of our society much more vulnerable to the deadly virus. 

This issue is of immediate concern. The alarming trend of Covid-19 cases at Direct Provision Centers in various counties. Recently there have been over 260 cases of Covid-25 in Direct Provision Centers and 50 asylum seekers hospitalized.

The quality of the food is not child friendly nor does it meet nutritional guideline daily amounts. At a time where we must do our best to strengthen our immunity, it is simply essential that these people are given nutritious food. 

These people are suffering double isolation. Most of these centres are far from towns, creating isolation and hopelessness at the best of times, but now the situation is worsened by the 2km travel restriction in place due to the ongoing pandemic. 

There is no fair complaint procedure for the members of DP communities, they have no way to respond to abuse of power or to neglect. They feel completely helpless and it is our duty to respond to their call and make it our priority to help their standard of living at this time.   

Here is a report documented by the not-for-profit organisation ‘Abolish Direct Provision Ireland’’ a woman living in King Thomond Direct Provision Centre in Clare, this report was recorded on the 10th of April 2020:

Voices From Direct Provision 9th August 2020

“I am living in King Thomond Hotel Direct Provision Centre in County CLARE for 2 years. The Manager is daily insulting me during lunch times he usually start cursing me with the Chef that I am taking too much food. During this week I decided to stop eating the canteen food and cook for myself. I requested groceries from the centre manager and he provided expired milk, rotten garlic, carrots etc and bag of rice for a week. I wrote IPAS about this treatment and no reply. I can’t sleep in this place because of his harsh words and my baby crying when he comes to our door shouting. I need your help please”

The situation in DP centres is only worsening as this crisis continues. With the number of positive cases increasing outside and continued limited space for isolation. We must act before we have an outbreak in these communities, we must supply these centres with adequate hygiene supplies and alert the government to ensure that these people are given an adequate monetary allowance also. We need to make changes quickly and act to ensure the safety of these people at this time, we need to ensure they are part of an environment in which isolation is not impossible, in a time where that is absolutely essential. 

Immediate action points to conclude: 

  • Right to Cook and independent living for families in Direct Provision more than 6 months and stop accommodating them in low standard hotel rooms as emergency accommodation.
  • Meals must contain more nutrition in order to protect and develop the immune systems of these people.
  • Fair complaint procedures must be put in place for these people to feel seen and heard. 
  • Right to Work for anyone in Direct Provision more than 3 months without their case being processed by IPO.
  • A full investigation into the contract awarded to Mr. Paul Collins the Contractor of Skellig Hotel Direct Provision Centre in County Kerry.
  • Provide records of asylum seekers (including babies) that died while in the State care as an International Protection Applicant especially Sylvia Tukula who died at Great Western DP Centre in County Galway and was buried secretly by the State. A brief list of deaths in direct provision centres can be found on Abolish Direct Provision Campaign website.

These people have lived in undignified and inadequate conditions for long enough. Now more than ever we must make it our priority to protect their human rights and act with urgency and compassion. I look forward to hearing from you. 

My sincere gratitude, 


Ms/Mr X X X 

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