Help protect Asylum Seekers against the spread of Covid-19

Help us prevent a massive outbreak at the Direct Provision centres in Ireland. Many centres have not provided protection or adequate sanitation for asylum seekers – many of whom have only just escaped crisis in their home country. Infection rate is increasing due to the horrendous reasons we reveal below. Please help us provide emergency assistance at www.DIRECTPROVISION.ORGImpossible to self isolate:People seeking asylum are forced to live in often overcrowded centres, experiencing a lack of dignity & privacy. This means right now there is no way for individuals to isolate whilst living in rooms often holding 5-8 people.

Asylum seekers are not able to wash their hands:

Some asylum seekers have to sacrifice food to buy soap – despite Centres receiving money to ensure the buildings are clean, reports show cases where Centres have made soap available only if purchased, and many centres are not providing enough soap or cleaning products at all.

Threats of loosing your bed:

Reports indicate a lack of compassion & an unfair response in the handling of this situation by some Direct Provision Centres – at a time when every single person should be treated with kindness. Some have been threatened with loosing their bed as a punishment for going outside.

No hand sanitizer available:

There is no hand sanitizer available & we have had reports that those who requested it have been disciplined. Asylum seekers are not able to seek help themselves by claiming the government’s ‘Low Income Allowance’ of €350 available to others.

Suffering a double isolation:

The Direct Provision system sees people held in isolation often for years. Most centres are far from towns, creating isolation & hopelessness at the best of times – right now the situation is worsened with no access shops or pharmacies, and bans from going outside entirely.

What can you do? donate, volunteer, befriend an asylum seeker, call your TD or local Councillor: visit

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