Opened: 17th April 2000

Owner: Aramark Ltd (USA)

County: Cork

Capacity: 303

Distance from International Protection office: 258KM

Estimate millions received to-date: 120 Million Euros

Major incidents/Suicide/Deaths at the centre

A Korean woman, in her 30s, is understood to have died in her bedroom at the centre in Cork city, on Tuesday evening. She had a son, aged six, who is now in the care of Túsla.

“She had been here for about a year. She had on occasions been to the doctor and she was evidently a quiet, sad person.”

Reports stated that her son had been playing outside the room with another child and tried to enter the bedroom. “They were knocking and knocking and nothing was happening. So they went to the security guard.” The member of staff gained access to the room where the woman’s body was found.

Irish Times 24th August 2016

Aramark Ltd is an overseas company and one of the largest contractor of direct provision centres in Ireland since the beginning of this horrible system. There have been many protest by residents at this centre in recent years about the poor quality of food and living conditions that family are being accommodated by the management of the centre.

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